Accessories forby pipe smokers.

Humble Beginnings

The Free Project was started by Dave in order to help new pipe smokers and those in our military, especially those deployed get their hands on quality restored pipes and tobaccos. The idea came from Dave’s firsthand experience of generosity and care from the wider pipe community when he was a new smoker. Since the first box went out over 4 years ago, Dave and the pipe community have sent out over 500 pipes and 200 pounds of tobacco to new pipe smokers and our military. This project, and interacting with pipes smokers from all over the world, have given Dave a passion to take his pipe journey to the next level.

That is where the idea for The Pipery came from, helping pipe and cigar smokers find products to enhance their smoking journeys whether it be new pipes, estate pipes, vintage tobaccos, cigar accessories, or other merchandise. Dave’s vision is to have a pipe shop like of old, a one-stop-shop for all of your smoking needs

About Dave

As president and founder of The Pipery, Dave Shain is the genius behind our original products. He manages all marketing, sales, estate acquisitions as well as The Free Project.

Dave started smoking a pipe back in 2007. He loved everything about the hobby, the tobacco, the tastes, the pipes, and the community. Between local pipe smoking friends and online groups, he learned a great deal about proper methods and where to buy tobaccos.

As his passion for the hobby grew so did his desire to teach others just as he had been taught. Early on, Dave learned about restoring pipes. It was a great way to get pipes that he might not otherwise be able to afford. Dave found great fulfillment in taking old pipes well-loved by their previous owners and restoring them to their former glory. Pipe restoration took Dave to places he never thought possible, and in 2017 Dave won the Master of Pipes award from the Chicago Pipe Collectors Club for Dave’s charitable works through The Free Pipe Project.

Dave Shain in his shop

The Pipery Team

Mike Moore

Mike manages inventory, wholesale sales, and the technical aspects of product development. He had his first pipe at 'a very early age'... a corn cob that dad bought him while camping in the Smoky Mountains.

Technical Support or Help

Contact Mike for site help or purchasing issues:

Jenny Shain

Jenny is principal buyer for new products, including non-smoking-related accessories. Her artistic eye is invaluable for all of our creative work.

Abigail Beckwith

Abigail is our sourcing specialist for global procurement and focuses on bringing international products to our customer base.