Estate Pipe Consignment Services

Sell to us

Do you have estate pipes, vintage tobacco, or smoking accessories that you would like to sell? We’d love to talk to you about buying them. If so contact Dave at
Please provide a list of items, clear brightly lit photos, and your contact phone number. We will ask you to send your pipes in for evaluation where our team of professionals will look at the brands and conditions and then make you a fair market offer.
We have a reputation to uphold and will treat you right, you can trust that we will care for your items. If we cannot come to an agreement we will send them back to you at no charge.

Items we buy:

  • Pipes
  • Sealed tins of tobacco
  • Lighters
  • Pipe tampers
  • Pipe cases
  • Cigar cutters


How it works:

  1. We only sell clean or restored pipes and accessories on consignment.
  2. Email Please include a list of items, clear brightly lit photos, and your contact phone number. Dave will contact you to work out the details and provide shipping information.
  3. We take a 30% fee of the final value after all fees have been paid. For example, we sell your pipes on eBay, after we sell your items and pay the fees, you will get 70% of the final value. We do our utmost to get the highest prices on your items.


Bill from Syracuse - I was hesitant to consign my pipes for sale, however, you were very professional and responsive which made the process easy. And I was pleased with the results you were able to get me.

Contact Us

If interested in any of these options please contact me at
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